My Year in Gaming: 2019

One year ago, while writing this post, I thought I had perhaps hit my limit for games played in a year at a mind-boggling 71 (well up from the previous year's 36). Somehow, in the grand lead-up to fatherhood, I managed to surpass 80 games/collections this year between a combination of further exploring the many wonderful ports constantly coming to the Switch and checking out most of the latest AAA titles (sorry, Sekiro, I'll get you next year). Overall, it was another solid year for games even if it didn't feature as many all-timers as the previous two years that this current golden age of gaming had produced. For me, it will always be a year defined by the games that took the biggest, riskiest swings making the most profound impacts. While figuring out my top 3 titles may have been among the easiest decisions I've had to make on this blog in years due to the few titles that truly distinguished themselves, narrowing down the top 10 proved to be one of the hardest thanks to an abundance of strong if not transcendent releases.

My Year in Gaming: 2018

So, I umm played a lot of video games this year.... In 2017, I thought I had an unhealthy enough year at 36 games, but this year, thanks mostly to the insane amount of ports/remasters that came to the Switch and my inability to say no to $15 purchases at 11 P.M., I basically doubled that with a ridiculous 71. Quite a bit even changed with my gaming habits. Sure, I still spent an inordinate amount of time in my single player comfort zone, which dominated my top 10, but I also really explored the world of online gaming and being called a n00b by strange preteens for the first time. Most importantly, though, I even finally kicked a 3 year mobile game habit that was taking up far too much of my daily life.

My Year in Gaming: 2017

Ask pretty much anyone who plays games, and they will tell you that 2017 was one of the greatest years in gaming ever (see also 1997 and 2007. Apparently 7 is good each decade.). One of the most enjoyable consoles ever debuted in the Nintendo Switch, Indie games started making their way into the mainstream, and an astonishing number of AAA titles delivered on their incredible promise (sorry Mass Effect: Andromeda). Let’s be honest. We desperately needed games to be this outstanding and distracting this year as the world sort of turned into a giant dumpster fire. But that’s ok, because when this world got terrible, you could always escape to Hyrule, Pelican Town, or the Mushroom Kingdom.