Hollow Knight: The Metroidvania to Rule Them All

It's 11 p.m. on a Friday night and like the cool kid that I am, I find myself mired in my 15th or so attempt at Hollow Knight's final boss. What started with meeting my unceremonious doom quicker than I could blink, has evolved over the course of an hour or so of battles and pattern memorization/recognition into a test of will against the toughest boss I have encountered yet. In one final glorious run, everything clicks. I dodge the Radiance's varied attacks, find the perfect milliseconds to heal, and deliver rapid masterful blows before retreating to safety. By bringing together everything I had learned in the past 35 hours of gameplay, I scale the final platform and deliver the ultimate strike. At long last, I breathe a sigh of relief as the Radiance is vanquished freeing Hallownest and myself from its grasp.

The Deepnest and the Brilliant and Punishing Difficulty of Hollow Knight

Recently, I have been enjoying the magnificent Metroidvania game Hollow Knight on my Switch. Friday night, I thought I would get in an hour or so of exploration and geo (the game world's currency) grinding before bed. Instead of enjoying slumber at a respectable hour, I ended up being sent on one of the craziest and most challenging adventures I have ever encountered in a video game.