My Year in Gaming: 2020

Well that was indeed another year. When we look back at 2020 from a gaming (and not purely cursed hellfire) perspective, two major things will stand out. First, we'll remember just how important getting lost in a game during this incredibly weird and depressing decade of a year was. From Animal Crossing to Hades, there were plenty of games to help forget the world with. Despite becoming a new parent at the tail end of 2019, I still managed to surpass my previous record for games played in a year with a whopping 90+ games played this year probably due to not really being able to leave the house for 9 months. Aside from that, we'll also remember the release of the next-gen of consoles with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X and the epic hunts to get them.

My Year in Gaming: 2017

Ask pretty much anyone who plays games, and they will tell you that 2017 was one of the greatest years in gaming ever (see also 1997 and 2007. Apparently 7 is good each decade.). One of the most enjoyable consoles ever debuted in the Nintendo Switch, Indie games started making their way into the mainstream, and an astonishing number of AAA titles delivered on their incredible promise (sorry Mass Effect: Andromeda). Let’s be honest. We desperately needed games to be this outstanding and distracting this year as the world sort of turned into a giant dumpster fire. But that’s ok, because when this world got terrible, you could always escape to Hyrule, Pelican Town, or the Mushroom Kingdom.