Photos from my Trip to Skyrim

Thanks to a delightfully lazy snow-filled week here in Charleston, I finally had the time to hunker down and beat Skyrim on Switch (well, as much as you can beat Skyrim proper along with the Dragonborn and Dawnguard expansions). In approximately 50 hours of gameplay, I “accomplished” a lot. I slew 18 dragons, was cheered on by orphans after taking out their evil headmaster, avenged my beloved horse, became the head wizard at a magic college, accidentally killed my companion with a stray magic spell and had to reload 20+ times, bought a house, married a local girl who only noticed me because she needed a mammoth tusk, adopted a street urchin, shot several thousand fireballs from my left hand, became a werewolf, killed a whole lot of vampires, and saved the world of Skyrim 10 times or so.

To get a better sense of my time in Skyrim, enjoy these touching slideshows based on the people, places, dragons, and the weird I encountered there. Just imagine Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day playing, and try not to tear up a little.

Note: for best results on mobile, view the slideshows with your phone horizontal to prevent captions from being cutoff.

Favorite Picture

No picture better captures my time in Skyrim: A werewolf’s spirit is leaving the ghost of my warrior friend while I am instructed to put a witch’s head into a blue fire.

The People

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The Places

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The Dragons

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My Family

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The Everything Else

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My time in Skyrim was truly memorable, and with a Stormcloak Rebellion going on and a Dark Brotherhood invite still pending, I’m sure I’ll find my way back there again soon.

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