The Amazing Selfie-Man

Of all the games I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time playing this year, none have come close to being as fun and joyful to play as the recently released Marvel’s Spider-Man. It’s basically like the developers figured out how to make the best Arkham game ever with a hero that is fun and hopeful instead of bleak and ‘roided out. The story is absolutely fantastic Naughty Dog-quality stuff. The combat is silky smooth. There are hundreds of amusing collectible side-quests, and web slinging through New York is the best traversal system I’ve ever experienced in a video game. Most importantly, though, it has a killer photo mode that I spent entirely too much time playing with when I should have been saving citizens in peril. Instead of writing a lengthy post detailing why I love this game so much, I thought I’d just show you with some of the 100 or so pictures I took while having a blast.

Favorite Pics

Honorable Mention

Nothing encapsulates how awesome it feels to be Spider-man better than being able to take a selfie while hanging upside down from a bridge.


Well hello there. Now that’s some in your face action.


Ok, ok. This was from a cut-scene, but it’s still so damn cool and movie-like.

Second Runner-up

So moody and pretty. Now this could have been a DC game.

First Runner-up

This is the most patriotic picture I have ever taken. I’m pretty sure it came straight from the original Sam Raimi post-9/11 Spider-man movie.

The Greatest

This picture has so much going for it: Spider-man is rocking his sweet mid-90s Scarlet Spider gear, it looks like he’s farting on Scorpion, and he’s about to suffer severe head trauma from that rock coming his way. This is truly my masterpiece.

Selfie Central

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The Supporting Cast

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Boss Insanity

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Random Superhero-ing

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