The Last of Us Part I: A Photo Album of Good Times in the Zombie Apocalypse

In honor of this year’s The Last of Us Day, which, as we all know, marks the day the Cordyceps Brain Infection overtook the world, I thought I would share some of the best screenshots from my recent trek through the PS5 remake of my favorite game of all time. As an added service, I have saved the most heartwarming (read: ultra-violent) shots for the final gallery (Making Friends), so you can feel free to browse the rest without concern for anything aside from nine year old spoilers.

That Precocious Scamp Ellie

Fatherly Advice with Joel

Road Trip Buddies

This Great Country of Ours in Pictures

Fun at the Mall

Making New Friends

Even my fourth time through, that was still one heck of a heartwarming adventure through the U.S. with some good friends. If you are looking for more TLOU holiday content, you can check out my posts on The Power of Dread in The Last of Us and my Review of The Last of Us: Part II. Here’s hoping next year’s 10th TLOU Day Celebration brings even more joy.

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